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I have created art all my life! This impulse comes from the place which Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky called "internal necessity." By moment to moment working through the creative process to its resolution, I grow as an artist. Making art is how I balance and know myself most authentically.

I quote an artist-teacher friend, who said: "Art is about loving and celebrating our world before our explanations. It is saying 'yes!' and giving breath to the ineffable."

I attended art classes all through my youth and completed a B.A. degree in Fine Arts (painting major). I later received an M.A. in Expressive Therapies with a specialization in Art Therapy. These two areas of art and therapeutic growth were complementary professions for me for 25 years.

In this time of my life, I am here (the meaning of the Hebrew word Hineni), focused in my primary identity as an artist.

I paint and draw with a variety of media, including acrylic paints, pen and ink, watercolors. I often mix various media, spontaneously stimulated by the project at hand. Currently my passion is for making constructions, bas relief built on the surface of a canvas or board. I use natural materials and found objects. I am interested in moments & images of transformation / transition. A common thread through my body of work is a focus on movement and space. My art is energetic and expressive.

the spirit, to be sure, has no form;
yet that which moves and transforms
the form of an object is the spirit.
Wang Wei
5th C. Chinese painter

My wish, after my own personal creative expression, is to stimulate the viewers' experience, both visually and emotionally. My primary influences are nature and my own personal and spiritual life. I will continue to create art throughout my life, and I am pleased to share this world with you. For information about my artwork, or to arrange a private showing, by appointment, please contact me. Enjoy!